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Monday, April 28, 2003

My marketing plan. I loved using my marketing plan, it was so handy. I used it mostly for networking meetings, even handing it over to those I was networking with if the meeting was awkward in any way. It helped me break the ice. And it helped those people I was networking with who didn't have a clue how to help me get oriented. As I said in earlier blogs, many people do want to help. But they aren't sure how. I found that the marketing plan gave them something tangible that they could work from.

I learned about marketing plans through my outplacement services. It is all part of learning to think of looking for a job as marketing myself. And it was one of those tools that I really found useful, not hokey, even from the very beginning. I could feel "real" using it.

I started out my marketing plan with my objective. Here I included a list of the type of common job titles that would be of the type and level I was looking for. I put down "Manager or Director of Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Organizational Development, or Talent Management". I figured in larger companies I would probably be better suited to a manager level and in smaller companies I could be a director, like I had been in my previous company.

Next I put down my qualifications. I bullet pointed my main ones. I wasn't exhaustive here, concentrating on the biggies--the ones I wanted the job to be about. I listed 7, which felt right to me. I included some of my better personalit traits (Enthusiastic, straightfoward, and results oriented with excellent communication skills) and my degree as the bottom two of the list.

Third, I put down my target locations. I originally had New York metropolitan area, northern New Jersey, and possible relocation to Washington, D.C. After having the opportunity to interview in D.C. and discovering that my husband really wouldn't consider moving there at this time (despite the fact that he originally said he would), I took D.C. off.

Fourth, I put down the organization characteristics I was looking for. I was interested in a mid to large sized international organization, preferably a recognized leader within its industry, that was committed to staff development (since that is what I wanted to do!). And I wanted it to be mission based or have a strong service orientation, sonce that is a strong value of mine. I gave a few examples to the types of organizations these might include, such as NGOs, government, foundations, research institutions, large organizations with sophisticated succession planning/talent management systems in place, and mid sized organizations that were putting them into place with good support from upper management.

For my next section, I bullet pointed some things I was interested in, in terms of culture: creative, cutting edge, and open to change; professional; teamwork; and an international or diverse workforce.

Of course, there is no organization in the world that fit these specs exactly. So finally, I just included a list of organizations that I was interested in finding out more about and networking in.

People could look at the plan. Usually it helped spark an idea for them regarding organizations I might want to explore as well as people I might talk to next. It made the networking easier.

Finally, despite the dire news on the front page of the NYTs over the weekend on the state of unemployment, I am seeing a trend towards more optimistic financial news. I know unemployment is a lagging indicator, so my fingers are crossed that we will see some help in this regard shortly... posted by Valerie 10:16 AM

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